REVIEW: KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN at Fakkel Theater - Broadway World

In the meantime, this Intem Production is so professional and polished in every department it might easily be the best since the original Broadway production that I was lucky to have seen twice with Vanessa Williams if unfortunately not with Chita Rivera.

Albeit still a little young for the part, freshly graduated Alyssa Luypaert does full justice to the difficult part of Aurora, which-initially a supporting part-was blown up the demands of Chita. She's especially good in the singing and dancing department and definitely possesses charisma and poise.

The real core of the drama however is the relationship between Molina, the gay prisoner, and Valentin; the straight political activist. Both Brent Pannier and Peter Van Keymeulen are excellent vocally and totally believable in their portrayal of the two multi-layered characters.

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